L.A.M.E was created in 2013 and was the beginning of the journey through a new chapter of life, business and creativity. It was our very first attempt in the clothing industry and we have learned many things over the past three years about ourselves, business and society as a whole. We see L.A.M.E as the practice run and are proud of the progress we have made during that period. We decided we needed a fresh start. 

 OUTSYDE is within, OUTSYDE is being yourself, OUTSYDE is being creative, OUTSYDE forever and L.A.M.E is no longer. 

As we value the principles and visions of Leading A Major Example, times have changed and so have we. OUTSYDE is our brand evolved. We will continue to provide quality product to showcase our creativity, vision and views.

We are currently looking to distribute our brand to major retail stores, look for us in a store near you.